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Here you can find the translation of the 50 most important words and expressions into Lingala.
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Hello! Mbote!
Good morning! (sg/pl) Mbote!
Mbote!Good morning! (sg/pl)
Hello! (sg/pl) Mbote!/ Sango nini!
Mbote!/ Sango nini!Hello! (sg/pl)
Good evening! (sg/pl) Mbote!
Mbote!Good evening! (sg/pl)
Good night! (sg/pl) Butu elamu!
Butu elamu!Good night! (sg/pl)
Bye! (infml) Tikala malamu!
Tikala malamu!Bye! (infml)
Good bye! (fml.) Tokomonana!
Tokomonana!Good bye! (fml.)

Important vocabulary

yes ee
no te
maybe mbala mosúsu
mbala mosúsumaybe
OK ok
Thank you! De rien!
De rien!Thank you!
You're welcome! (m/f) S'il te pla ît!
S'il te pla ît!You're welcome! (m/f)
Excuse me, … (sg/pl) limbisa ngaï
limbisa ngaïExcuse me, … (sg/pl)
I have ... Na sa na ...
Na sa na ...I have ...
There is ... ... e sa.
... e sa.There is ...

Introducing yourself

My name is ... Kombo na ngaï ... .
Kombo na ngaï ... .My name is ...
I'm from ... Na wuti na ...
Na wuti na ...I'm from ...
I'm ... years old. Na sa na mbula ... .
Na sa na mbula ... .I'm ... years old.
I am (not) married. (m/f) Na balami.
Na balami.I am (not) married. (m/f)
I'm traveling with ... Naso kende mobémbo na ...
Naso kende mobémbo na ...I'm traveling with ...


I don't understand that. (m/f) Nazo yóka elóko mókó té.
Nazo yóka elóko mókó té.I don't understand that. (m/f)
Do you speak …? (m/f) Est ce que oyebi koloba ... ?
Est ce que oyebi koloba ... ?Do you speak …? (m/f)
Does anyone here speak ...? Mutu moko aya akoki koloba ... ?
Mutu moko aya akoki koloba ... ?Does anyone here speak ...?
English ki-anglais
French français
Could you write that down please. (m/f) Koma eloko wana s'il te plaît.
Koma eloko wana s'il te plaît.Could you write that down please. (m/f)
Could you please repeat that. (m/f) Loba lisusu.
Loba lisusu.Could you please repeat that. (m/f)
Just a moment please. Zela moke.
Zela moke.Just a moment please.


zero libúngútulú
one moko
two míbalé
three misatu
four mine
five mitano
six sambo
seven motoba
eight mwambe
nine libwá
ten dzomi
eleven dzomi na moko
dzomi na mokoeleven
twelve dzomi na míbalé
dzomi na míbalétwelve
thirteen dzomi na misato
dzomi na misatothirteen
fourteen dzomi na mínei
dzomi na míneifourteen
fifteen dzomi na mitano
dzomi na mitanofifteen
sixteen dzomi na motoba 
dzomi na motoba sixteen
seventeen dzomi na sambo
dzomi na samboseventeen
eighteen dzomi na mwambe
dzomi na mwambeeighteen
nineteen dzomi na libwa
dzomi na libwanineteen
twenty ntuku míbalé
ntuku míbalétwenty
twenty-one ntuku míbalé na moko
ntuku míbalé na mokotwenty-one
thirty ntuku misato
ntuku misatothirty
forty ntuku minei
ntuku mineiforty
fifty ntuku mitano
ntuku mitanofifty
sixty ntuku motoba
ntuku motobasixty
seventy ntuku sambo
ntuku samboseventy
eighty ntuku mwambe
ntuku mwambeeighty
ninety ntuku libwa
ntuku libwaninety
one hundred nkama
nkamaone hundred
one thousand nkoto
nkotoone thousand
one million epúná/ efúku
epúná/ efúkuone million
some / a couple míbalé
míbalésome / a couple