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Mbote!Good morning! (sg/pl)
Mbote!/ Sango nini!Hello! (sg/pl)
Mbote!Good evening! (sg/pl)
Butu elamu!Good night! (sg/pl)
Tikala malamu!Bye! (infml)
Tokomonana!Good bye! (fml.)

Important vocabulary

mbala mosúsumaybe
De rien!You’re welcome.
S'il te pla ît!You're welcome! (m/f)
limbisa ngaïExcuse me, … (sg/pl)
Na sa na ...I have ...
... e sa.There is ...

Introducing yourself

Kombo na ngaï ... .My name is ...
Na wuti na ...I'm from ...
Na sa na mbula ... .I'm ... years old.
Na balami.I am (not) married. (m/f)
Naso kende mobémbo na ...I'm traveling with ...


Nazo yóka elóko mókó té.I don't understand that. (m/f)
Est ce que oyebi koloba ... ?Do you speak …? (m/f)
Mutu moko awa akoki koloba ... ?Does anyone here speak ...?
Koma eloko wana s'il te plaît.Could you write that down please. (m/f)
Loba lisusu.Could you please repeat that. (m/f)
Zela moke.Just a moment please.


dzomi na mokoeleven
dzomi na míbalétwelve
dzomi na misatothirteen
dzomi na míneifourteen
dzomi na mitanofifteen
dzomi na motoba sixteen
dzomi na samboseventeen
dzomi na mwambeeighteen
dzomi na libwanineteen
ntuku míbalétwenty
ntuku míbalé na mokotwenty-one
ntuku misatothirty
ntuku mineiforty
ntuku mitanofifty
ntuku motobasixty
ntuku samboseventy
ntuku mwambeeighty
ntuku libwaninety
nkamaone hundred
nkotoone thousand
epúná/ efúkuone million
míbalésome / a couple


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